Marketing and Analytics for WiFi, Screen & App

From WiFi, screen and mobile app marketing to industry solutions such as Smart Transportation to comprehensive evaluations and business intelligence connectors.  

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A selection of our customers who successfully use the Omni-Channel-Management-Platform.

Advantages at a glance

Happy customers are loyal customers: With OCMP, your target group and customers are the focus of your daily activities. This is how you turn prospects into customers. And customers into happy, returning customers.

Multi-Channel-Marketing Campaigns

OCMP offers a variety of different elements to create engaging onboarding journeys. Customize content to meet the needs of your customers, employees, and other audiences and create immediate value.

Targeted Customer Approach

The OCMP gives your customers free and secure access to the Internet. The integrated marketing and analytics capabilities allow you to place targeted marketing campaigns on WiFi, screen, and app, and make data-driven decisions.

Real-time Analytics

Do you want to know and understand your target audience better? The OCMP Analytics modules allows you to analyze your target audience on multiple levels. You gain individual insights into your locations and can make decisions based on demand.

Performance Measurement

Data-to-action: Our OCMP turns your company into a true data-driven business in no time. Our AI-based dashboards and analytics support you in all decisions. And that includes real-time analytics and history views.


The OCMP in numbers

Thousands of customer sites with many thousands of hotspot users per day are managed by our OCMP.

Several million data points per day enable the analysis of users and campaigns. 

Customer locations

Customer potential per year

Interactions per year

Ad impressions per year

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