Your customers are looking for more than just connectivity? A WiFi network has much more to offer than simply providing Internet access.

OCMP Smart WiFi is the lever to connect you with your visitors and customers and to get in direct and sustainable contact with them. Our solution gives you the opportunity to interact digitally with your customers and visitors at your locations, to run marketing campaigns and to analyze their respective behavior.

All OCMP Smart WiFi modules at a glance:

Campaign Designer
Flow Designer
Location Dashboard
Marketing Dashboard

OCMP Smart WiFi Marketing: Campaign Designer

Our Campaign Designer lets you create, schedule, and manage campaigns for your WiFi login page. Embed images, promotional videos, surveys and many other elements directly on the splash page or WiFi login page to actively get in touch with your customers.

Marketing rethought!

In addition, the campaign planner makes it possible to automate your marketing and communication processes to offer your customers a better customer experience. A powerful context menu, intuitive controls and high performance support you in a challenging working day.

Standard product marketing campaign

The campaign visualized here represents the simplest form of a WiFi branding campaign. It consists exclusively of a check-in element in which the terms of use of the hotspot are accepted and a welcome image is displayed.

The user is then given access to the Internet and redirected to a desired product page. There are virtually no limits to the imagination when it comes to redirection. Websites, appstore redirects, or social media profiles can be advertised.

Try out the demo campaign quickly and easily on your own smartphone now. Scan the QR code or click on the following link: https://campaign.abl-portal.com

Our Flow Designer allows you to create inspiring and engaging WiFi marketing campaigns with a user-friendly interface. It gives you the opportunity to create content that your target group is really interested in. In addition, the Flow Designer uses the interaction of your WiFi users.
Choose from a large list of campaign items, for example:

OCMP Smart WiFi Marketing: Flow Designer

Elements of the Flow Designer

Recruiting Mobile-Marketing-Kampagne

The campaign shown here aims to increase the number of applicants for job openings.

Retargeting, image, survey, and redirect elements were used here to create an engaging user journey that converts WiFi users to applicants.

In doing so, the retargeting element recognizes returning visitors and can target them with customized content.

The email element can also be used to directly capture email addresses during the campaign. Conditional questions in front of it, can decide about the suitability.

Try out the demo campaign quickly and easily on your own smartphone now. Scan the QR code or click on the following link: https://campaign.abl-portal.com

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OCMP Smart WiFi Analytics: Location Dashboard

The Smart WiFi Analytics Location Dashboard allows you to analyze the behavior of your WiFi users via WiFi location analysis.

In addition, you can gain insights about passers-by and visitors who are not yet connected to your network.

Record and analyze

Our dashboard gives you a deeper understanding of the behavior of your consumers and visitors during their stay. Use the full potential of your location by providing you with relevant KPIs and information, such as peak times, customer languages, device types, operating systems as well as engagement and loyalty measures.

All important data and KPIs can also be exported as an image or CSV file – manually or automatically.

OCMP Smart WiFi Analytics: Marketing Dashboard

Analyze the success of your marketing initiatives and gain a deeper understanding of how your customers have interacted with the WiFi marketing campaigns you have created. Use the results of the campaign analysis to constantly improve your messages and content through a data-driven approach.

Analyze the individual success of each individual campaign element.

Analyze all individual Elements

All these and many other questions can be answered with the Marketing Dashboard module and all KPIs can be exported as an image or CSV file – manually or automatically.

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