OCMP Smart Mobility

The expectations and demands on modern public transport continue to grow. In addition to the highest possible punctuality and up-to-date travel information, passengers also want to be able to conveniently access online content on their mobile devices. This is where abl solutions comes in with its solution for public transport.

In addition to mobile connectivity in your vehicles, which enables passengers to access the internet free of charge, we offer an innovative tool with our Omni-Channel-Management-Platform (OCMP), which supports you in making the use of the means of transport more efficient and attractive. Our platform enables detailed vehicle analysis for optimized planning and scheduling, and the campaign management tool allows you to target marketing campaigns to passengers’ devices.

The OCMP component vehicle analysis provides transport companies with all necessary data and creates a reliable planning basis for dispatching and passenger routing. Our AI-supported algorithm not only takes into account the read-out WiFi and network data, but also draws on additional data sources. These include route and line information, 3D sensors, cameras and information on local events. This provides an online overview of current fleet locations and utilization. Collect, analyse and use data such as connection duration, data usage and much more.

Mobility Dashboard

API Connector

Integration in existing apps

Through the API (interface) provided, the real-time utilization information can be made available to passengers, e.g., via an existing or new app.

The passenger can, for example, use this information to select a vehicle with a low occupancy rate.


In addition to this valuable information, it is also possible to integrate the WiFi Auto Connector via our Smart App, generating a secure and free WiFi experience for users.

The Omni-Channel Management Platform offers a comprehensive solution with its solutions and modules.


Learn more about our Smart-WiFi Marketing & Analytics modules, which can be fully combined with the Smart Transportation solution. Create marketing campaigns and analyse the usage behavior of your passengers.

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